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Luxury UWO Student Rentals

"If Your Money Isn't Working For You, Then You'll Never Stop Working For Money"

Are you looking to invest in student rentals and take advantage of the income potential that students can provide you?

Students are some of the best tenants you can have. They operate in cycles and make it very predictable and easy to manage, as well the rents are consistent and the properties are always cash flow positive when done right.

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If you look below you can see pictures of the homes we have for sale, these never hit the market and are usually sold before the home is even completed. They are gutted right to the studs and TOTALLY renovated to a brand new home and then rented and sold already producing cash flow.

These homes are a high end product that are truly "hands off" investing. From the day you take possession these are generating cash flow, and will continue to for years to come. You can take it a step further and not need to worry about renting the home with the management if you choose.

Oh, and by the way - they come fully furnished.

Lets take a quick look at the cash flow analysis:

5 Bedrooms rented for $575 a room 
= $2875 / mth

Rough Expenses
Insurance = $125 / mth
Taxes = $230 / mth
Utilities = $250 / mth
Management (Optional) = $50 / mth
Mortgage = $1400 / mth

Approx Expenses = $2055

Approximate Net Cash Flow = 2875 - 2055 = $820 / mth

Have a look at how far the homes are taken while in renovation.


And this is what the finished home will look like:


If you want to know more about these high end University of Western Ontario Student rentals in London, Ontario then click the "Email Warren" box and enter in your info.

Prices range in the $300,000 - $400,000 range. 

If you'd rather just get a hold of me instead of entering your information, then you can call Warren at 519-902-1386 and ask about the luxury UWO student rentals.

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